The Railslove Development Process

Agile Development


  • Sprints should be at least one week long and not more than 2 weeks

** What makes a sprint a sprint? The basic sprint should at least: **

  • start with a planning meeting
  • stories/tickets for a sprint need to be prioritzed
  • have a review session at the end of the sprint

  • The core part of the sprint planning meeting (going through the prioritized stories + estimation) should not take much longer than 1 hour

Daily standups


  • get everybody on the same page
  • foster team communication
  • raise awareness for potential blockers

  • Questions to answer: What have you worked on yesterday? What will you work on today? Is anything blocking you?
  • 2 minutes max per person

  • The whole standup should not take longer than 15 minutes

Stories / features

  • “a feature is only really done when it has been deployed to production”
  • A good story should focus on the user needs and goals and NOT on implementation details

Project Initialization

What needs to be done for every project?

  • airbrake
  • deployment setup => capistrano
  • sending email => mailgun
  • domain configuration
  • settings.yml
  • i18n
  • tracking => google analytics
  • staging server
  • database
  • CI => Travis


  • “a deployment or launch should be business as usual”